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Lesecta Surveying uses Site Scan 3DR for aerial drone data collection, with seamless integration to Autodesk 360, allowing you to improve your tender process and have dense point clouds from the start. Click on a link below to learn more about the professional services offered by Lesecta throughout Melbourne and Greater Victoria.

Aerial Drone Data

Lesecta Surveying are pioneers within the Melbourne aerial drone surveying field. Maximise the impact of your tenders with dense 3D point clouds driven by 3DR Site Scan.

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Feature Surveys

A Feature & Contour Survey is a graphical representation of your property including all landscapes, features, buildings and fence locations recorded in AHD.

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Rescode Surveys

This survey is typically used for new single dwelling developments or extensions to an existing property and may be required by your Council as part of a planning permit submission.

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