Site Analysis Surveys

A Site Analysis Survey is also referred to as a neighbourhood description survey. A Site Analysis Survey is very similar in context to a Rescode Survey, however the survey area is expanded to include a number of neighbouring properties. Site Analysis Surveys are required by Council when Multi-residential development is being proposed.

  • Schedule of photos of the survey area
  • Fence locations
  • Levels to AHD & contours over the entire site
  • Features
  • Landscape
  • Existing house and buildings
  • Gutter, ridge and floor levels
  • Adjacent buildings including wall, gutter and ridge heights and setbacks
  • Habitable room windows within 9m
  • 4 homes to the left and right and 5 homes to the front and rear (including under eave, gutter and ridge heights)
  • Crossovers, street trees, services, etc
  • Preparation of Plan of Survey
  • Supply of digital and hard copies of plan to client