Lesecta Surveying: results driven with a commitment to quality, efficiency and responsiveness


Jules Noton, Director/Surveyor

Julian's Survey experience comes from working in a variety of environments. These include high rise structures in London, Iron Ore Mines in the Pilbara (WA) and numerous large infrastructure projects in Melbourne and Sydney.

With a large variety of experience in Australia and abroad, Julian is able to confidently assist Lesecta clients with their diversity of questions.

His flexible approach combined with his technical knowledge and industry contacts ensure Lesecta clients will always receive a high quality service.

John Crawford, Director/Surveyor

John’s industry experience spans 25 years. He has been involved with some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia, including Woodside’s A$15bn Pluto Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project in Western Australia, the upgrading of the West Gate Freeway and Western Ring Road in Victoria and the A$100m expansion of Cement Australia’s Railton plant in Tasmania.

At Lesecta we are always striving for continuous improvement. This can be seen in John’s ability to combine his vast experience while gaining formal qualifications in both science and engineering.

This combination of experience and skill enables John to provide Lesecta’s clients with exceptional service and the best possible outcome.  

                                   Jarrod Skinner, Regional Survey Manager/Surveyor

   Jarrod has worked throughout Australia in the surveying industry for the past 10 years. His experiences include both  small and large scale projects, most notably Jarrod has managed and surveyed projects for civil and construction, environmental management and engineering clientele throughout Victoria and southern New South Wales.

 At Lesecta we will assist you in managing your project from start to finish, Jarrod and the Lesecta team can help          build an experienced team of engineers, designers and contractors to complete any job, throughout regional              Victoria and New South Wales. His attention to detail, professionalism and commitment to fulfilling the client’s job                                               brief is why he will be referred to by consultants within the industry.