Our services include:

Rescode Survey - an accurate representation of the subject site and its relationship with directly adjoining properties. Design professionals are able to use the information contained within a Rescode Survey to create detailed representation of proposed changes to your property. This survey is typically used for new single dwelling developments or extensions to an existing property and may be required by your Council as part of a planning permit submission.

Site Analysis Survey - also referred to as a neighbourhood description survey.  A Site Analysis Survey is very similar in context to a Rescode Survey, however the survey area is expanded to include a number of neighbouring properties. Site Analysis Surveys are required by Council when multi residential development is being proposed.

Feature and Level Survey - the initial step required for property development. The information collected within a Feature and Level Survey can be used by Design professionals to create an accurate and cost effective design which is specific to your property.

Site Setout - process used to ensure your design is placed in the correct location within your block.

Lesecta - Site Analysis and Rescode Survey Specialists