Using The Phantom 4 Pro V2 and Site Scan 3DR we can supply stockpile volume calculations without any need for traditional survey methods of walking up and down the stockpile.

The drone can fly a pre-configured flight plan and once processed will create a dense 3D point cloud and from this you will be able to visualise – in a 3D model space – your stockpile, with extremely accurate volumes as cut and fill.

Track and manage your progress

Once your project is in progress, Lesecta Surveying Melbourne can facilitate daily, weekly or monthly flights. Map the progress of your site, calculate volumes or overlay your design to better understand the situations on the ground. Capture key milestones and share that information with your stakeholders.

The idea of being able to visualise your site as a 3D space is just incredible and by far the most powerful tool you can have on a construction project.

CAD Overlays

Its all fine having all of the drone data but you need to be able to visualise where you are in the planning schedule.

Once a flight has been completed you can upload the design file in DXF format and visualise the design and the existing conditions like never before. You can then make informed decisions about the site with the design team and share the information with the stockholders. CAD overlays on aerial imagery is a game-changer in the surveying world and gives Lesecta Surveying Melbourne an edge for your business.