Flight planning made easy with Site Scan 3DR

Using the Phantom 4 Pro V2 in conjunction with Site Scan 3dr, planning a flight has never been easier. The flight can be planned in the Lesecta Surveying office or in the field using an iPad. If you choose to use GCPs (Ground Control Points) we can use your control file from your construction site and coordinate GCPs that can be used with every flight.

The flight plan is then used every time we visit, enabling you to compare previous flights and overlay your design to better understand the conditions of your site.


Using The Phantom 4 Pro V2 and Site Scan 3DR we can supply stockpile volume calculations without any need for traditional survey methods of walking up and down the stockpile.

The drone can fly a pre-configured flight plan and once processed will create a dense 3D point cloud and from this you will be able to visualise – in a 3D model space – your stockpile, with extremely accurate volumes as cut and fill.